M. Beckmann

Your HP HV 01 has arrived and was very beautifully packaged. Well done, can be done without plastic +. Now playing at a converted PSone and nearly new AKG 702. Poti at 1am with the AKG. Plays neutral, very good level, really. Tubes that run parallel without heat, I knew only of stone Music until now. Nicely done.
A few days more, respect the openness, the sheets and skins, voices, space.
In "the Wise" DDR recording, simply hammer.

S. Weyer

He has a very structured fine resolution. After a certain break-in period, he is a very tight and nicely contoured bass. The airiness is very nice. I'm currently listening to a Sennheiser HD800 and the combination to your amplifier fits very well.

M. B.

I have ordered many headphone amplifier and listened. From cheap (hardly listenable) to really expensive. This 2-part copy Then I came on ebay again and again on the screen. So then it will probably be so, Noname, no Billigheimer, since it is already a little wet in the hands, spend so much money without knowing what to expect.
But the courage was more than rewarded! In conjunction with a Philips Fidelio X2, this combination is really quite close to the top! Open, spacious, elegant and stable. The sound reminds me of my Joule Electra, tube, neutral and world class. I have to a modified Playstation, also of eBay, and that it was for me.
I am so glad to have dared to step, and can each sound lovers recommend this combination to listen again.
Continued success with the newcomers, which could be directly to the Legend!

I. Blum

I've owned several headphone amplifiers, but have hitherto been perfectly happy with any. Always missing something. Either too analytical, with too little heat in the sound or with too much bass pressure at the expense of detail. I have now tested this device with all source devices, a Rotel CD player, a Project Perspective Plattendreher, on the Asus Xonar Essence computer via One soundcard in the Muse Edition. What can I say? I could not stop. This amp makes such a detailed and balanced, with exact matching bass dynamics, a madness stage and the typical warm tube sound, which one must seek long to find the same. There really Nothing at all to complain about. Processing, sound and very nice contact to its builder, 1A. Chapeau! I arrived at the end of my search.